MAPPA is Selling a Framed Jujutsu Kaisen Illustration For $500

Jujutsu Kaisen Framed Illustration

Studio MAPPA has opened pre-orders in Japan for framed key animation illustrations from Jujutsu Kaisen. They’re part of its MAPPA Showcase 10th Anniversary lineup. Fans can order the framed Jujutsu Kaisen illustration from September 25, 2021, to October 17, 2021. It will be available for ¥55,000, or roughly $497. The illustration will ship at the end of November.

The Jujutsu Kaisen illustration features main protagonist Yuji Itadori. He’s mid-battle against the evil Ryomen Sukuna, the king of curses who inhabits his body. In terms of scale, the framed art is fairly large. It has a width of 91 centimeters (about 3 feet) and a height of 45 centimeters (about 1.5 feet). The frame is metal and made out of aluminum.

The illustration itself is printed by professional printing company DNP. It uses a special, high fidelity “Primo Art” printing technique to get the artwork as close to the original illustration as possible. If you live in Japan and want to see the artwork yourself, you can also visit the Tokyo Anime Center’s MAPPA Showcase 10th Anniversary exhibition located at DNP Plaza Shibuya.

In other news, the prequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie featuring Yuta Okkotsu will release in Japanese theaters on December 24, 2021. There will also be a Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Finally, after taking a brief hiatus due to a deteriorating health condition, creator Gege Akutami has returned to regular publishing of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

The framed Jujutsu Kaisen illustration is available for pre-order in Japan until October 17, 2021. It will cost ¥55,000.

Andrew Kiya
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