Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer is Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour just received its multiplayer update last night and Nintendo shared a new trailer to go with it.

Check out the new trailer below:

When Mario Kart Tours multiplayer beta was first available only to those who pay the $4.99 monthly Gold Pass back in December. In the new multiplayer mode, players can race with friends and other players, locally and online. The multiplayer mode supports up to eight players.

Furthermore, an official Mario Kart Tour retweet campaign is going on through March 15, 2020, at 7:59pm PT. Players can score bonuses based on the combined retweet numbers for the specified tweet across both English and Japanese accounts. For 15,000 retweets all players will get an in-game badge. 20,000 RTs will get the in-game badge plus 20 rubies. The top prize is at 30,000 retweets for the in-game badge and 30 rubies.

In addition to the multiplayer, here’s what else is new in Mario Kart Tour from the Version 2.0.0 patch notes:

  • Added support for racing against players from around the world via multiplayer. This service is scheduled to become available on March 8th, at 8:00 PM PT.
  • Added a camera feature. Using this feature during a race allows you to freely move the camera around your driver as they automatically steer. Use it to view the action from different angles!
  • Made other adjustments and addressed known issues to improve the overall gameplay experience.


Mario Kart Tour is available for iOS and Android.

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