Start Your Engines! The Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta Has Begun

mario kart tour multiplayer

The Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta has begun! Actual multiplayer has been an anticipated feature for the game practically since launch, and now people who pay for the $4.99 monthly Gold Pass can test it out. Nintendo confirmed that the beta will be in effect until December 27, 2019. Both people who are paying for the Gold Pass or taking part in a free trial of one can participate.

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The Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta is a test, which means things probably won’t be working exactly the way they should. The official website says people might notice lag, disconnects, and crashes while taking part in a race with other people. It also warns that it could be a greater drain on battery life than Mario Kart Tour normally is. Also, no multiplayer save data will carry over from this trial to the full game when the feature is enabled for everyone.

When going through normal Mario Kart Tour courses, you never actually race other people. Instead, you are just seeing ghost data from other people.

While this is an update limited to Gold Pass subscribers, people who don’t pay to play also got an update. The holiday tour has just appeared, adding Birdo, Rosalina, and Yoshi as playable characters. (The previous update provided new versions of Daisy and Waluigi.)

Mario Kart Tour is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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