Mario Kart Tour Adds 3DS Rainbow Road, Reindeer Yoshi, And Party Pauline For The Holidays


Nintendo have revealed that the next Tour event for Mario Kart Tour is the Holiday Tour, which features new alts in the form of Reindeer Yoshi and Party Pauline, as well as a new retro track in the form of 3DS Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7.

There are also some new parts, like a 2020 glider and presents-shaped kite that don’t seem very aerodynamic.

Check out some screenshots below:

Additionally, you can find the trailer below:

“Buckle in for some festive fun with the Holiday Tour! From historic cities to rainbow roads, this tour features a variety of courses across a total of 18 cups. It’s the perfect way to close out 2019!”

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

Alistair Wong
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