Mario & Luigi RPG Series Developer AlphaDream Enters Bankruptcy



AlphaDream, known as the developers of the Mario & Luigi RPG series, has entered Bankruptcy on October 1, 2019 due to poor revenues and the recent high costs of development among other reasons. [Thanks, Yahoo! Japan.]


AlphaDream was founded as a game development company called Alpha Star in January 2000 by former-Square president Tetsuo Mizuno. They  would go on to become known as the developers of the Mario & Luigi series of RPG games for Nintendo and they’ve also developed several titles from the Hamtaro game series.


According to the report, AlphaDream saw an annual income of about 300 million yen in the fiscal year of March 2014, but since then they haven’t been able to keep up with the development costs and poor income. By March 2018 the company was in debt by over 465 million yen.


It’s also worth noting that the official website of AlphaDream has been down.

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