Marriage Comes to My Time at Sandrock for Romance Options in Knives Out Update

My Time at Sandrock Marriage Love Interests Knives Out update

People who have been getting closer to My Time at Sandrock love interests can get married. Pathea Games announced the next patch is live. The My Time at Sandrock Knives Out update added the marriage system, new story quests, and new dungeons will all appear. This also means new elements like a double bed, romance quests, and dating minigames are available.

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The official patch notes brought up some of the more detailed changes. Characters like Arvio, Catori, Fang, Justice, Pen, and Unsuur now have romance quests to pursue. These appear alongside other main and side quests. If you want to take a character on a date, you can now choose Cable Cart and Stargazing minigames to build up a bond. Of course, marriage is now in My Time at Sandrock, with wedding elements, and there’s a double bed for your home when you do get married. Once you get married, your spouce can also help you in the workshop.

As for new items and features, you’ll find additional things to build and use around town. You could have an Advanced Fish Pond, Advanced Fire-Powered Generator, or Advanced Water Tank. There’s also a Auto Assemble Station and research machines for disc submissions. The Magic Mirror can be used to change your appearance. Plus it can rain in town.

Here’s the full list of changes with the My Time at Sandrock Knives Out update from the patch notes on Steam.

  • Added some main stories and side stories, the main story reaches its climax as players gradually uncover all the conspiracies
  • Added Arvio, Qi, Fang, Justice, Pen, Unsuur, and Catori romance quests
  • Added face lift stories and moved the function to Magic Mirror; Pablo’s Parlor is no longer for makeovers
  • Added the North Mesa Plateau
  • Added the marriage system. Happy Marriage!
  • Added the Double Bed, which side will you take?
  • Added the Auto Assemble Station, this is a giant leap for automation!
  • Added workshop helper function; partners offer some help after marriage, and there is another helper who never feel tired!
  • Added a holiday: Showdown in the HIgh Noon, and unlocked more NPCs available for sparring
  • Added play/date mi-ni games: Stargazing and Cable Cart
  • Added mole cave ore ordering system
  • Added a new weather: Rain
  • Added a special weapon, obtained in the new story.
  • Added the List of Yakmel Stations while riding Yakmel carts
  • Added mount color change, enriched the color options for Yakmels and Camels
  • Added the target auxiliaries for controllers, which is useful for targeting in the map UI and Treasure Detector
  • Added the Advanced Water Tanks and Advanced Fire Powered Generator, which can provide longer-lasting energy!
  • Added the advanced fish pond
  • Added a new haircut: curly
  • Added research machines. We no longer have to play hide-and-seek with Qi to submit the discs.
  • Added NPC behavior when visiting relics in the players’ workshop
  • Added the ability to display the source and attributes of items in the Encyclopedia in detail
Adjusted & Optimized:
  • Adjusted the amount of salt sold in the shop
  • Adjusted the action value and favorability of the play/date mini-games
  • Adjusted the ability to return directly when mounting is on “Stay”
  • Optimized the objects selection in home editing, and the dragging method has also been added
  • Optimized the showroom input method
  • Optimized the Refiner and it can find equipped gear now
  • Optimized the style of the first introduction of romanceable NPCs
  • Optimized for room sets that can be moved together when selecting multi-rooms, the set will also take shape after being placed the showroom.
  • Optimized scrolling down when reading text with controllers
  • Optimized mount training performance
  • Reduced Tour de Rock competition difficulty and player sprint skill cooldown
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete data in the Encyclopedia
  • Fixed an issue where there was no footstep sound on the inner floor and outer roof of the player’s house
  • Fixed a situation where some small furniture would not be visible in the home edit mode
  • Fixed some missing sets in Home edit
  • Fixed the problem that there was a probability that treasures could not be absorbed while moving
  • Fixed an issue where the quality indicator in the assemble manual was incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where mount loyalty could drop when riding a mount for the first time
  • Fixed an issue that caused the confirmation box pop up in Tour De Rock to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where Owen’s cloak performed abnormally
  • Fixed internal stairs not displaying properly when stacking rooms in the home editor
  • Fixed some stairs misalignment issues issues that caused by editing the room size beforehand
  • Fixed the problem that the recycling knowledge level 1 was abnormally effective
  • Fixed an issue where Water Resource Conservation Knowledge Level 3 takes effect abnormally
  • Fixed some collision issues in the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins
  • Fixed some collision issues after the Catori Museum upgrade
  • Fixed some problems that the festival banner did not appear after loading
  • Fixed the air wall issue during the Chase of Memories
  • Fixed the problem that the lantern would be misplaced when yawning during Wishing Festival
  • Fixed an issue where the quest Clear the Air would not be untainted
  • Fixed an issue where the ordering contract upgrades displayed incorrect amounts
  • Fixed some collision issues in the Breach Ruins rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter Solstice was not displayed correctly in the calendar
  • Fixed a stuck issue in which the life value reverted to 0 when the UI was opened
  • Fixed the issue with negative statistics in Golden Goose Coins of Achievement: Pro Gamer
  • Fixed an issue where Achievement: First Love would be completed after adopting a pet
  • Fixed an issue where Achievement: Sandrunning Speedster would be completed after playing the non-competitive sand running mi-ni game
  • Fixed some model collision issues
  • Fixed some issues in minging Dungeons to avoid players getting stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the office door would sometimes not open after upgrading the museum
  • Fixed quest: Out of the Past does not properly trigger next step
  • Fixed an issue where canceling a Cooking Station crafting queue would return the wrong amount of ingredients
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with NPCs in sandstorm weather would result in abnormal model positioning
  • Fixed an issue where Kid was missing during the quest: Bounty Hunter cutscene
  • Fixed the problem that the “new” prompt was abnormal in the Encyclopedia
  • Fixed an issue that in-hand items were not hidden when holding hands
  • Fixed an issue where the bridge donation time prompt was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where returning the BBQ ingredients was inconsistent during the Winter Solstice festival
  • Fixed an issue where there was a low chance of not being able to mount
  • Fixed an issue where players could take damage during cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where some special effects were grayed out in some interior home UIs
  • Fixed an issue where Krystal and Nemo were not in the main scene in previous verison save files
  • Fixed an issue where story related achievements could not be completed in previous verison save files
  • Fixed an issue where Qi could not be played in previous version save files
  • Fixed an issue where “Does not hate any food” effects were not applied for mounts
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect percentages to appear when feeding mounts
  • Fixed an issue where the time of Chase of Memories and fireside meeting time conflicted with each other
  • Fixed an issue where water tanks still generate sand when the sand wall is on
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll bar in the Relic Restoration Machine
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Musa from opening his mouth when speaking
  • Fixed an issue where the player might not look at the NPC during the plot dialogue
  • Fixed the issue that the following NPC defeated monsters were not added to the Encyclopedia
  • Fixed an issue where changing the preset face shape would cause other makeup to misplace
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in the automatic pick-up of items not working properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused pet waste to reappear incorrectly after being picked up
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pets friendship reductions to appear abnormally when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where Coogo Band instruments remained on stage during Dance Off event
  • Fixed the problem that the Moles would wear Sandgear
  • Fixed wall leak issue in Mole Cave dungeon
Known Issue
  • There is an unusual offset issue after placing pet furniture

There’s a large number of bachelors and bachelorettes who can be love interests for people looking for romance in My Time at Sandrock. If you check the Social section, people with hearts next to their relationship gauge are options. Some notable characters include Amirah, Arvio, Catori, Elsie, Ernest, Fang, Grace, Justice, Mi-an, Owen, Qi, and Venti. To help people find a partner now that the My Time at Sandrock marriage system is implemented, Pathea made two quizzes involving the romance options. One involves the bachelors and the other the bachelorettes.

Finally, here’s the My Time at Sandrock Knives Out update trailer, which also goes over the romance system adding marriage.

My Time at Sandrock is available in early access on PCs via Steam, and the Knives Out update will be available on April 12, 2023.

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