Marvelous Acquires Joe & Mac and Data East Library Through G-Mode Acquisition



Marvelous just acquired G-Mode, a Japanese mobile game content provider that happen to own most of Data East’s intellectual properties, such as Joe & Mac, Magical Drop, and many others.


G-Mode originally acquired Data East’s IP catalog back in 2004, and if you’re wondering what else they have in their library, they include the BurgerTime series, the notorious Street Fighter clone, Fighter’s History, along with other popular series in Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja and Magical Drop.


While G-Mode have previously worked on other series, such as the Vapor Trail Trilogy and the Metal Max series, the franchises are owned by Paon Corporation and Crea-Tech, respectively.


However, the entire Data East catalog still has quite a bit of IP that we’ve seen in the past, so we may hear about Marvelous reviving some of their older classics in the future.

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