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Marvels Avengers Gameplay Demo Will Be Released Online The Week After Gamescom 2019


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At the Marvel Games San Diego Comic-Con panel, attendees had a chance to see Marvel’s Avengers gameplay footage of its A-Day demo. While the presentation was not streamed, it was confirmed that eventually everyone will get to see it. The game’s Twitter account said Shaun Escayg, the game’s creative director and writer, noted the video will be released “the week after Gamescom finishes.”


Gamescom 2019 will be held August 20-24, 2019. This means it could appear anytime between August 25-31, 2019. That version of the A-Day demo footage will also apparently be further polished.


In addition to confirming that the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay demo will eventually be shown to everyone, a series of tweets went over everything that happened during the SDCC 2019 panel. The third-person action-adventure game can be played alone and with friends, with people able to determine their roster. The A-Day demo covers the game’s playable prologue and begins with Thor arriving at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to help defeat enemies and aid survivors, with Iron Man following behind. Thor uses Mjolnir as his weapon and used a wind-based Heroic ability, while Iron Man has a Unibeam Blast Heroic ability and can use micro rockets and pulsar blasts to deal damage to enemies. Hulk was shown using enemies as melee weapons, while Captain America’s Heroic ability uses his shield to attack multiple enemies and stun them. Black Widow’s Heroic was described as making her temporarily invisible. 


A few other details were covered. After the Marvel’s Avengers prologue, people will use the team’s Helicarrier as a hub. This is where people will be able to pick up single and multiplayer co-op missions. One tweet noted that it has “certain missions designed for specific heroes, and many can be played using any available Hero in your roster.” Costumes, gear, and skills that can be unlocked for the different characters as you play. Joe Fixit Hulk and Original Sin Iron Man will be two of the skins available. Missions after the campaign will let people use any available playable characters.


Marvel’s Avengers will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on May 15, 2020. Its collector’s edition will include a Gentle Giant Studios 12” Captain America statue. The beta will appear first on PlayStation 4s, according to information shared at the SDCC 2019 panel.

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