Mary Skelter Finale

Mary Skelter Finale Introduces the Genocide Pink and Babymares

Mary Skelter Finale, the final game in Compile Heart’s series of dungeon RPGs, takes place after the events of Mary Skelter 2, but soon the party is scattered due to an attack by a new group of enemies named the Genocide Pink. In an update to the game’s official website, the game company introduced several members of the Genocide Pink. It also brought up a new game mechanic: Babymares.

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Genocide Pink

Guillotine (CV: Yuki Nagaku)

Mary Skelter Finale

A young girl who is essentially the leader of Genocide Pink. She acts quite reservedly and politely, and from a first glance, she’s a polite and respectable person. However, inside that exterior lies a cruel personality who treats humans as “trash” and doesn’t have even a shred of empathy. When she gets angry, the way she speaks changes and she’ll become unstoppable.


Iron Maiden (CV: Marika Kouno)

Mary Skelter Finale

A member of Genocide Pink who is obsessed with beauty, as well as the pleasure of destroying such beauty. She acts on impulse and has no consideration behind her actions. As such, her cruelty is among the top members of Genocide Pink. When she loses her cool, she’ll change the way she speaks and won’t stop at anything.


Gallows (CV: Rie Takahashi)

Mary Skelter Finale

A Genocide Pink member who might seem to be the most reasonable one among the bunch, but in fact has a warped personality. Using her fake and real attitudes, she looks down upon others and is always thinking of how to mess with others in a cunning fashion. She also has a habit of wanting what others have immediately. However, whenever she gets what she wants, she’ll lose interest in it immediately and kill it.

When she loses her cool, her way of speaking shifts and no one can stop her.


Babymare System

During exploration or in battle, you have the chance of being assaulted by Babymares, who are baby Nightmares. They grab onto the Blood Maidens bodies, prevent you from using certain commands and skills, and can cause status effects. Even their appearances are quite disgusting.

However, there are some benefits to Babymares. Using the blood splattered from Marchen or Nightmares, you can defeat the Babymares, filling up the blood gauge and buffing your stats in battle.

Mary Skelter Finale

Above is a look at before and after Little Mermaid defeats a Babymare. You can also chase them away with Jail Roulette or defeat them using Blood Packs. Defeating them at the right moment in a fight may just turn the tide in battle.

The Babymares will attach themselves to the Blood Maidens under various circumstances, such as getting attacked by Nightmares during the Nightmare Space sequences or by tripping traps in the dungeons. You might even randomly get them with no reason. Defeat them with proper timing, and you’ll reap the benefits!

Finally, we have a look at a Nightmare in this game.

Mary Skelter Finale will release on October 8, 2020 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Check out more characters, including the six protagonists, here.

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