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Mary Skelter Finale Introduces The Game’s Six Protagonists

Mary Skelter Finale

Compile Heart has introduced Mary Skelter Finale ‘s six protagonists via the official website, alongside the party members available for each group. As a reminder, the game will allow you to swap between the six groups at any time during the story to progress in the game’s dungeons.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for Mary Skelter and Mary Skelter 2 below.

Here are Mary Skelter Finale‘s characters:

Jack’s Group

Jack (CV: Koudai Sakai)

Mary Skelter Finale

A young boy who originally lived in captivity alongside Alice. One of the game’s protagonists. After meeting the Blood Maidens, he awoke as a Blood Youth and began to fight alongside his comrades.

After escaping Jail two times, he has grown from a timid boy into a strong individual who’s willing to put himself in danger for his friends and someone who stays calm even in the face of danger. After the Genocide Pink split everyone up into groups, he’s currently working together with Tsuu and Little Mermaid.


Otsuu (CV: Rika Abe)

Mary Skelter Finale

A former nightmare who lives for the sake of her most beloved Little Mermaid. Even though she wants to become the prince of Little Mermaid’s dreams, she does show a timid and girly side sometimes. In the last game, she broke the balance of the world in order to wish for a future where Little Mermaid didn’t die. It was Jack who saved her from her fate of wallowing in regret as a Nightmare, after resetting the world using Witchcraft. Now that she’s able to live together with Little Mermaid thanks to Jack’s wish, they head for the surface and are escaping Jail.


Little Mermaid (CV: Aya Suzaki)

Mary Skelter Finale

A bright young girl who prioritizes the happiness of others over her own. She is betrothed to Otsuu. Despite being a girl who should have been dead, thanks to Otsuu’s wish she came back to life. Due to finding out the others had become unhappy due to her survival, she decided to accept her death in the original world, but thanks to Jack’s wish in the original world, she returned back to life.

After being assaulted by the Genocide Pink, the group is split up, and she now travels with Jack and Otsuu as they try to escape Jail.


Miko Ueshima (CV: Sumire Uesaka)

Mary Skelter Finale

Dawn’s medical specialist, she acted as the Professor’s assistant and is a very capable and smart person with a strong knowledge of Jail. She was shocked that her respected person was the true culprit, but a part of her had also figured it out. Now she’s even more active than before, as if to make up for her regret.


Mary’s Group

Mary (CV: ???)

Mary Skelter Finale

One of Mary Skelter Finale ‘s protagonists. She’s always lived in the same liberated district as Jack and Alice, but due to her lack of presence, she’s always been alone without being recognized by others. She accepts and even enjoys being by herself, and she lives with a rather positive attitude while striking her matches and seeing visions.

The one who recognized her and gave her her name is Charlotte, so she treats her like a parent with a twisted attitude. After the Genocide Pink attack the group, she ends up working together with Charlotte and Alice.


Charlotte (CV: ???)

Mary Skelter Finale

A mysterious woman who, like Mary, lived in the same district as Jack and Alice. She somehow knows of Jack and the Blood Maidens, as well as secrets only they should have known. Although she knows she is a Blood Maiden herself, she chose to live in the shadows alongside Mary, rather than join the Dawn.

After the Genocide Pink attack, she decided to join the fight herself in order to protect Mary and Alice.


Alice (CV: Sumire Uesaka)

Mary Skelter Finale

A serious girl who doesn’t really show her emotions, but is a caring girl who’s good at taking care of others. She’s always been together with Jack and, when it comes to him, she can also show a rather girly side of herself. After the Genocide Pink assault, she ends up working with Mary and Charlotte in order to reunite with Jack.


Clara’s Group

Clara (CV: Yui Nakajima)

Mary Skelter Finale

A young girl who worked as an assistant for Haru the weapons designer in the Liberated District. One of the Mary Skelter Finale ‘s six protagonists.

Her bright and fearless personality is the reason everyone likes her, but she can be quite noisy and annoying. Although she’s a normal girl with no fighting ability, she decides to do her best and forge a path forward. After the Genocide Pink split the group, she ends up together with Hameln and Gretel.


Gretel (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Mary Skelter Finale

A young girl whose curious and straightforward nature, alongside her lack of morals, makes her a natural mad scientist. Thanks to working together with Jack and the others, she finally has a bit of common sense, but she still will act on her impulses. She often teases Hameln.

After the Genocide Pink attack, she suffered a serious injury.


Hameln (CV: Ayaka Imamura)

Mary Skelter Finale

A girl who calls herself the demon king and used to live by herself, surrounded by Marchen. She has the power to match her attitude, but due to her tendency to slip up on her lines at crucial moments, she often makes it seem like she’s just a weak underling. Thanks to meeting Jack and the others, she found out what having companions was like and grew as a person.

After splitting from the others, she attempts to escape Jail with Clara and Gretel.


Sukui (CV: ???)

Mary Skelter Finale

A calm woman who’s a member of the Order of the Sun. While she wants to be as strong as their leader Michiru, she knows inside that it’s not possible for her. So she decides to keep believing that the Sun exists, so that she can live a life without shame when the Sun does come up.


Shira’s Group

Shira (CV: ???)

Mary Skelter Finale

The youngest sister from Genocide Pink, which scorched the earth. No matter who she’s with, she’s mischievous, a brat, and and stubborn. Her true name is “The Pillar Covered in Fire,” but she’s called Shira by others.

Although she’s part of the Genocide Pink, she has trouble hurting others and, as such, is scolded and mocked by the others. As she thinks of how to get back at them, she finds an unconscious Rapunzel and sets out to execute her…


Rapunzel (CV: Ari Ozawa)

Mary Skelter Finale

A cheerful and innocent young girl. She’s learned more about society thanks to Jack and the others, but still ends up acting outside the realm of common sense a lot of the time. However, she’s learned to treasure her companions and doesn’t think of them as emergency rations anymore.

After the Genocide Pink attack, she is knocked out at a certain place…


Sleeping Beauty (CV: Yuki Nagaku)

Mary Skelter Finale

The youngest sibling of Thumbelina and Snow White. She’s rather quiet and her personality is hard too grasp, but she is the most accepting person out of everyone and is thoughtful of others. She’s nervous, because she was separated from her sisters due to the attack, but she wants to protect Rapunzel and the others just like her sisters did for her.


Zyu’s Group

Zyu (CV: ???)

One of the protagonists of Mary Skelter Finale, Zyu is a young man whose past is shrouded in mystery, as he’s lost his memories. He’s calm, logical, and won’t hesitate to be cold and cruel that’s what is needed to reach his goal.

Zyu only remembers fragments, such as “the need to find his precious wife,” that he’s a Blood Youth, and he is stuck in Jail, and acts based on that. After the attack splits everyone up, he ends up working together with Snow White and Princess Kaguya.


Red Riding Hood’s Group

Red Riding Hood (CV: Rumi Ookubo)

One of the game’s protagonists. She’s a brazen young woman who acts first and thinks later. As she’s the oldest of the Blood Maidens, she acts as the older sister to them all, but she’s haunted by the shadow of her father being the true mastermind behind Jail. Despite acting the most cheerful of the bunch, she’s not confident in herself at all.

After being attacked by Genocide Pink, she struggles and barely manages to reunite with Thumbelina and Cinderella.


Thumbelina (CV: Rie Takahashi)

The eldest of the three sisters and a person with common sense, despite her young looks. However, she can’t bring herself to be honest with Jack and acts abrasive with him. She’s worried about her sisters due to the attack, but luckily manages to reunite with Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, and heads out with them in search for her sisters.


Cinderella (CV: Asami Imai)

A maiden whose defining characteristics are her noble attitude and manner of speaking. She’s more confident in herself thanks to Jack, but still has a tendency to feel down when something happens. Her reactions are just as exaggerated as you remember. She reunites with Red Riding Hood and Thumbelina without trouble.


Kunai (CV: ???)

A woman who was originally in charge of odd jobs at the Dawn. She has bad memory and is clumsy, so she’s troubled by what she can do to help. However, whenever she finds something she can help out with, she’ll give it all she has without giving up on it. She also tends to have bad timing and ends up seeing things that she isn’t supposed to see.

Mary Skelter Finale will be coming to the Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 27, 2020.

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