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Masahiro Sakurai Looks at Last of Us Part 1 in His Final 2022 Video

Masahiro Sakurai Plays Last of Us Part 1 in His Final 2022 Video

On a regular basis, Masahiro Sakurai releases videos about game development to enlighten viewers, and the last one to appear in 2022 features him playing The Last of Us Part 1. Sakurai described it as a “like a let’s play.” The goal is for him to talk about UI and accessibility features, using Naughty Dog’s game as an example.

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Sakurai begins by praising The Last of Us Part 1 for being user-friendly and citing how many options it offers people. Then, he jumps into playing the PS5 version while commenting on its accessibility. He then goes through the Accessibility menu’s submenus, specifically singling out the Magnification and Visual Aids section. He mentions how the HUD scale is helpful, especially the preview window showing how it will look. He specifically referred to it by saying, “It’s a quality-of-life feature within the quality-of-life features.” He also looked at the Motion Sickness, Navigation and Traversal, and Screen Reader and Audio Cues sections. Sakurai also spent quite a bit of time showing the consideration that went into the custom control scheme setup as well.

Here is the full “Modern Quality of Life Features [UI]” video in which Masahiro Sakurai plays The Last of Us Part 1.

Before playing The Last of Us Part 1 for his final talk, a Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games video appeared talking about himself and his company. He explained why he founded Sora Ltd. and how it works. He’s regularly offered such insights since founding his channel in August 2022. Though on one occasion, he also talked about his pet cat after fans “demanded” it.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available on the PS5, and the PC version will appear on March 3, 2023.

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