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Remember the Wild ARMs XF interview over at PSP Fanboy? We’re following up with an in depth look at the job system. Jimmy Soga from XSeed put together an introduction to four of the twenty job classes in Wild ARMs XF and shared strategies on how to use them effectively. After wards other team members chime in with their tactics like the “Fast Break” to bury bosses and “Snipers on the Roof”, which utilizes three of the described jobs in a creative way. Read on to beef up your game and get a glimpse of how some of the classes in Wild ARMs XF can be utilized.


With over 20 unique job classes such as Geomancer, Sacred Slayer, Grappler and Excavator, the character customization and strategies by utilizing sub-jobs are almost endless.  And since the maps in Wild ARMs XF are split into hexagon-shaped grids (HEXes) instead of the usual square-grids, surrounding an enemy unit on 2 or more of its 6 sides will call upon powerful Combination Arts attacks. 


Geomancer Tactics




As the masters of the earth, the Geomancer has the ability to see ley points (areas of the map imbued with elemental power) as well as various positioning abilities as locking an enemy in their current position or even switching places with them.  One strategy is to surround your Geomancer with three melee-type fighters and then use the Replace ability to switch places with an enemy unit, having already set up a triangle formation and being prepared for a Combination Attack as soon as the enemy "warps" into the center. 




Grappler Tactics



Another method is to use a Grappler to just throw an enemy into the center of your already configured "triangle of death" to let your melee fighters make quick work of him.




Sacred Slayer Tactics



And while the Sacred Slayer is strong against undead units, its biggest asset may be the wide-range that's applied to its magic spells so having an Elementalist sub-job can unleash some powerful magic attacks across multiple enemies instead of just one.




Excavator Tactics



The Excavator is useful for finding items on the battlefield, but since it has low offensive capabilities it's good to use together with a melee class such as Secutor or Sentinel.  If you come across an enemy unit with a high HP but low MP, you can utilize the Excavator's "Switch" ability to switch the enemy's HP with its MP, then use a melee attack to finish off the little HP it has left.




Here's some other strategies that our team members like to use, as well as their own unofficial names for each attack:


Doh Whang – Localization Specialist


"Fast Break"

I like to use this strategy when fighting against powerful bosses. The basic idea is to defeat the boss without giving them a chance to fight back.


Equip Levin with his Martial Mage OC skill and Clarissa with her Dandelion Shot OC skill so that they can use "Cancel Strike" and "Rob Turn" on the bosses to keep their turns from coming around.


Equip other units with Sacred Slayer OC so that you can use "Turn Shift" to switch turns with Levin and/or Clarissa to make sure they can use their originals on time.


"The Weakest Link"

This one's a pretty simple strategy. In WAXF, the enemies tend to attack the weakest unit in your party first, which is usually Labyrinthia.


Equip Labyrinthia with Sentinel OC skill then have her go up really close to the enemies and use "Force Field". You can then take out your enemies with ease while they're busy trying to defeat the now-invincible Labyrinthia.



This strategy gets a little getting used to but can be extremely useful.


You will need a group of units with Grappler OC equipped and another group with both Elementalist OC and Sacred Slayer's "Widespread" skills equipped (or just Sacred Slayers with Elementalist OC).


"Widespread" allows you to target multiple enemies simultaneously with your magic, so use the Grapplers' "Heavy Throw" original to gather enemies in one spot then attack all of them at once with magic attacks.


Kenji Hosoi – Assistant Product Manager


"Team Lock-on"

In an open battlefield without many obstacles, change all your characters to Excavators and equip them all with sling shots. Now that they have a wide range of attacks and movement, they are able to lock-on to enemies from afar. Deliver the final blow by activating the Combination Art using a character high in MP, like Labyrinthia, and the damage will be great.


"Snipers on the Roof"


In battlefields where enemies are located in an area higher than your party, make more than half of your party Striders and equip them with Strider weapons such as a bow and arrow.  Set them up with a Grappler sub-job and make the remaining party members Sacred Slayers with Geomancer sub-jobs.  Get up to the enemies at the higher ground, casting Heavy Throw or Ground Slam to throw your own Sacred Slayers up if needed since they have low climb attributes.  Have the Sacred Slayers cast Shut Out so that the bottom level HEXes adjacent to the ledge are inaccessible and then use your Striders (with Grappler sub-job skills) to throw the enemies over the shut out Hexes to the lower levels. Since the HEXes are shut out, the enemy cannot climb back to where your party is located, but your Striders can now snipe the enemies down below from a safe distance.


Additional information on each of these job classes can be found at our newly launched website at, with more job classes to be unveiled soon.

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