Masterline Final Fantasy VI Statue Features Terra on a Magitek Armor

Masterline Final Fantasy VI Statue

Square Enix has announced production of a Prime 1 Studio Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue. The statue features protagonist Terra (or Tina, depending on the version of the game you’ve played) poised atop a suit of Magitek armor. Yoshitaka Amano has overseen production of the Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue. He served as the concept artist for this entry in the series. Niether a release date nor price for the statue have been revealed. However, more information will come at a later date.

That said, Square Enix did release a video showcasing the statue. This Masterline statue will be 1/6th scale and feature an incredible amount of detail. Terra isn’t the only character from Final Fantasy VI to appear on the statue. Mog will also be part of the statue. Additionally, the video details the process behind the making of the statue, which involved the creation of a 3D model.

You can watch the video below:

Previously, Prime 1 Studio worked on two NieR: Automata Masterline statues. One of these statues featured the three protagonist characters, 2B, A2, and 9S, with a high amount of detail. However, the second statue features only 2B. Pre-orders for the statues were opened, with delivery scheduled for 2022.

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