Masterline NieR Automata Status Will Cost You Thousands of Dollars

masterline nier automata statue standard edition

Back at the NieR series 2020 Tokyo Game Show special, a Prime 1 Studio Masterline NieR Automata statue with 2B, 9S, and A2 appeared as part of the announcements. It was even teased with a video showing how the statue was designed, painted, and assembled. Now pre-orders have opened for its standard and deluxe editions, and you’ll need to have over $2,500 to buy one and over $3,000 for the other. The deluxe edition has a January 2022 release window, while the standard version will appear in April 2022.

The basic model will normally cost $2,849 normally, though a 10% discount is in effect bringing the price down to $2,564.10. It is 24.5” tall, 21.7” wide, and 22.9” deep. All three of the main characters are represented, with 9S in the center and both A2 and 2B flanking him. Pods 042 and 153 also appear in the scenes alongside the characters, supporting them. This hand-painted figure will only come with one customization item, an additional head part for 2B where her eyes are uncovered.

masterline nier automata statue standard edition

The Masterline NieR Automata Deluxe Edition statue builds on what the original offers. It will be $3,399 normally, though its temporary 10% discount knocks it down to $3,059.10. In addition to the base figure from the original set and extra 2B head part, you get additional pieces for all three characters. For example, if you prefer 2B in her bodysuit instead of her dress, you will be able to swap to that. 9S will have an extra head with his eyes uncovered, and you also could have him holding a Black Box. A2 will get a haircut with her extra head, and you’ll also be able to change her top.

masterline nier automata statue deluxe 1

masterline nier automata statue deluxe

There’s one final Masterline NieR Automata figure, and it will focus on only one part of trio portrayed in the full statue. A 2B model will be released. Like the others, it is temporarily discounted. It’s $881.10 now, but will eventually cost $979 when it debuts in June 2022. She’ll be 21.7” tall, 11.2” wide, and 17.7” deep. She will have the same pose as she does in the larger scene, which means Pod 042 will still be by her side. She’ll also still come with the extra head part, so you can see her eyes if you’d like.

masterline NieR Automata 2B statue 1

masterline NieR Automata 2B statue

The Masterline NieR Automata Deluxe Edition statue has a January 2022 release window, with the standard statue apparently following in April 2022. The Masterline 2B statue will launch in June 2022.

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