Matthew Mercer Will Return as Leon in Resident Evil Death Island

matthew mercer leon resident evil death island

Matthew Mercer confirmed on Instagram that he will be reprising the role of Leon in Resident Evil Death Island. He’d voiced the character in the prequel film Resident Evil Vendetta, as well as in games like Resident Evil 6. As of the time of writing, over 45,000 people have liked his announcement.

In the post, Mercer stated that it is a “joy to hop in for a quick adventure in Leon’s later years,” which likely is a reference to how he is no longer the official voice for the game version of Leon S. Kennedy. Nick Apostolides has voiced him in the remake versions of the game. When Leon appeared as a major playable character in Resident Evil 6, Matthew Mercer had been his actor. He in turn had been passed the torch from Paul Mercier, who had been Leon’s voice actor in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil Death Island will be a CGI movie that canonically takes place after 2017’s Resident Evil Vendetta. It will reunite main characters from the series—including Chris, Claire, and Rebecca—as they deal with a zombie outbreak in San Francisco. A new trailer for the movie shows them, Leon included, fighting off a horde of them in Alcatraz Prison.

Matthew Mercer will voice Leon once again in Resident Evil Death Island. The movie will come out on July 7, 2023. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be distributing it worldwide, with the exception of in Japan.

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