Mecha Trigger Is A First-Person Mech Typing Game



Team Casserole, the collective of designers, programmers, and artists behind Mecha Trigger, reckon that their newly released freeware game might be the first mech typing game.


It sits you in the pilot seat of a skyscraper-sized mech where you can dictate the actions of your armed robot by typing commands. It has a big list of words, numbers, and phrases that you’ll need to memorize, so don’t expect an easy ride.


For example, to move the mech’s legs you should type “legs move –d” where the “d” is the distance you type in. Saying that, you can cheat slightly by pressing Ctrl and using WASD to move.


Considering that Mecha Trigger was created in only 15 weeks, it’s an impressive effort, coming with AI to fight against, as well as supporting online multiplayer battles. It’s even compatible with the Oculus Rift so that you can truly feel that you’re sat in that mech.


You can download Mecha Trigger for Windows and Mac on its website.

Chris Priestman