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Meet Armored Core: Verdict Day’s Mysterious Death God Units


Armored Core: Verdict Day will be about a fight between three major forces, which seems like it will be getting even more hectic as a group of unknown mercenaries join the mix, and a mysterious organization of researchers who’ve been providing the three with technology seems to be further fueling the war. Here are some of the key characters from the upcoming  mech battling game.



Age: 62

Fatman is quite active even at an older age, and is consider a super Storker veteran. “Fatman” is simply a nickname he goes by, as his real name currently remains unknown. Due to the way he speaks, many considers him to be a somewhat irresponsible person; however, he has left his name behind in countless battlefields, and is considered a first class carrier.


Magnolia (Maggie)

Age: 25

She is Fatman’s partner and acts as his operator. She was previously a hired mercenary, and has proven herself on many occasions. She’s at a young age where one may consider her as Fatman’s daughter, but when it comes to being partners, they’re considered equals.



The Foundation is a group of researchers who offer their their technology to help the three major forces. No one knows about how they were founded or anything regarding their internal circumstances. Aside from the one person who represents the group, it is still unknown as to how many people are actually part of the group. They may seem like a neutral group who offer technology to the three major forces, but some may also feel that they’re encouraging them to fight.


Death God Unit Commander

Details: Unknown

The leader of the Death God Unit. Aside from the fact that he is a male in his 40s, not much is known about the man.


Death God Unit

Details: Unknown

A young girl who is a member of the Death God Unit. She uses her strengthened AC’s sniping abilities to take out foes.


Death God Unit

Details: Unknown

This one is a veteran soldier-style male pilot who seems to always appear along with subordinates. He believes that victory is everything, no matter how you obtain it.


Death God Unit

Details: Unknown

There are no details regarding this pilot or unit.



Unit: Rotten Fly

Origin: Galef Plant

Male/Age: 28

Previously, he was an ordinary mercenary, but he seemed to have suddenly acquired skills out of nowhere. They say that the reason for this is because he was able to obtain an emblem from a wreckage which he was able to use on his unit. The origins of this emblem still remains unknown.



Unit: Down Gamble

Origin: Windy City

Male/Age: 20

WR was once part of a common group of bandits, but after having had the opportunity to take out a “big fish,” his life has turned. After obtaining an AC, he has taught himself how to operate it and joined a childhood friend as part of a mercenary group. Due to his young age, he is still inexperienced and always finds himself in dangerous situations.



Unit: Tall Hammer

Origin: Yunsk Canyon

Male/Age: 33

In the past, Eireke had participated in a large-scale war that suddenly broke out between the three major forces. He doesn’t rely on small tricks and prefers to go all out and attack enemies head-on in a courageous manner. He’s lived through many battles and is also known as the “Steel Duelist”.


Soldier 1325

Unit: Beehive TypeA12

Origin: Mazar Tomb

Male/Age: 26

He was once a researcher of the lost history, but since then he has changed his lifestyle to that of a hired mercenary. It is believed that his unit’s emblem once belonged to a group that once existed, known as the invincible mercenaries, “Beehive”. His goal is to revive his original teachings.


Worker 1477

Unit: Beehive TypeS18

Origin: Alloy Gate City

Female/Age: 22

She is a former partner of the history researcher, who she currently works with as a hired mercenary. The “Beehive” group in the past were known for expelling many of those who caused turmoil around the world, and were considered a true noble group. It is said that their final purpose was to bring everlasting peace to the world, which she currently aims to carry on.


Fred Nakano

Fred is a battlefield cameraman who appears in various fields of combat around the world. He’s taken countless photographs of battles, but no one has actually ever met him, and his origin, gender, age and everything else remains a mystery. He’s considered among the “seven wonders of the battlefield,” and some people are actually doubtful he even exists. However, the images that are under his name continue to be uploaded everyday.


Armored Core: Verdict Day is slated for release on September 26th in Japan, and this Fall in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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