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Meet Bonelegs, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero’s Tricky Arachnid Woman



WayForward has unveiled the second backer-created character for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. It’s Bonelegs – who was designed by Kickstarter backer Matt M.P. – an enemy who is part human woman and part spider.


The idea behind the design of Bonelegs for her to be able to respond to direct attacks, and strike upwards at you if you attempt to leap out of range. As such, when approached, Bonelegs will mash her powerful front legs together to form a shield. You’ll need to work around this if you hope to strike at her weak points. Those same front arms are the ones that will also pierce upwards should you try to jump over her.


“The design began with some very icky and more traditional giant spider shapes, and then evolved into something like a were-spider,” WayForward explained. “We worked with Matt to make sure that this spider would complement Shantae’s Spider Form (which is still a work in progress).”


WayForward also revealed that it’s started work on the first world in the game: Scuttle Town Main Street. “This isn’t the same hub of activity where NPCs wander (Scuttle Town Square), but rather the action–packed variety as seen in the openings of the original Shantae (Game Boy Color) and Pirate’s Curse,” the team explained.


It’s said that, for the first time ever, Scuttle Town’s Main Street will be fully explorable. There will be secret areas accessible only by using transformations, and there will be Tinkerbats looting and pillaging, cannonballs being fired from Risky’s ship, as well as “ambushes, scimitars, rowboats, flaming cocktails… you know, pirate stuff!”


Chris Priestman