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Meet Disgaea 5’s Tiny Demon Lord, Dark Knight, And Maid



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Disgaea 5 is all about revenge, as Killia and his friends are on a journey to take out Void Dark. He’ll be accompanied by various demon lord friends, and 4Gamer shares a look at the two newest demons, in addition to character classes that will join in on the fight.



001 002

After taking notice of Killia’s potential in magic power, Christo plans on using it to assassinate the demon emperor known as Void Dark.



Christo is quite talented as a tactician and staff officer, and he’ll do anything it takes for victory.




003 004

Zeroken is a small demon lord who claims to be the disciple of the legendary Great Demon Fist Goldeon, and plans to single-handedly take out the brutal and heartless army, known as Lost.



After showing up in front of Killia and the others who are fighting against Lost, Zeroken decides to take it upon himself to help them out. He might be a little cocky, but depending on who he’s talking to, he knows how to keep his manners in check.


Similar to past Disgaea games, there are a bunch of unit classes you’ll get to recruit in the fight against Lost. Here’s a look at some of the classes you’ll see in Digaea 5, which adds new ones to the series.


Dark Knight:

Weapon: sword, spear, ax

Ability: Power Wave (when attacking adjacent enemies, it’ll chain damage to another unit adjacent to the target)



018 019

020 021

The Dark Knight handles the power of darkness like no other, and possesses power that can even be felt around objects of its target.



Weapon: gun

Ability: effective work (once per turn, they can use an additional item to go with the original action)

022 023

024 025

The faithful Maid can bring out even more power from an item.



Weapon: staff

Ability: Magic Generation (recovers 10% SP at the end of the turn)


026 027

028 029

The Fairies of light carry large lanterns with them at all times. They can absorb magic power around them and use them as heals.


Soldier (Male):

Weapon: sword, spear, ax

Ability: Wild Cry (their status increases 15% times the number of adjacent enemy units)



031 032

Using its trained body and mind, the male Soldier can show off his power in any given situation.


Soldier (Female):

Weapon: sword, spear, bow

Ability: Assault Attack (damage increase 10% per grid space it moved)



034 035

The female Soldier has strength and is quite versatile. She’s good at breaking through enemy lines in blitz-like fashion.


Magician (Male):

Weapon: staff

Ability: Magic Convergence (special attacks get 30% attack increase, but 50% more SP consumption)



037 038

An earnest Magician boy, who can use high-powered skills and magic.


Magician (Female):

Weapon: Staff

Ability: Magic Temperance (reduces the SP cost of special skills by 50%)



040 041

An innocent little girl Magician, who knows how to use her skills and magic most effectively.



Weapon: staff, spear

Ability: Medical Heal (heals status effects while using curing magic)



043 044

The male priest seems to punish himself for the sake of healing those around him. He can heal any additional abnormalities whenever he cures as well.



Weapon: staff, bow

Ability: Practice of the Healing Hand (adds an extra 100% to heals)



046 047

The Priestess will always be there to heal her hurt friends. She’s capable of doing even stronger heals than what’s considered normal.



Weapon: bow

Ability: Support Attack (adds an extra attack as support when an allied unit hits an enemy, when possible)




A gentle-hearted hunter of the netherworld. The Archer supports her friends with cover fire.


Disgaea 5 is slated for release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4.

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