Meet Exist Archive Bad Boy Kiriya Tokihisa In The Latest Trailer

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Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace shared the latest trailer of their upcoming “side-view” RPG Exist Archive with a character introduction video for Kiriya Tokihisa, the bad boy of the group.


Friends: “This group, created by Kiriya, is the place where we belong.”

Kiriya: “Knock it off with the whole ‘group’ thing.”

Friends: “Haha, what’s wrong with it, leader!”

Kiriya: “Knock it off with the ‘leader’ thing, too!”

Friends: “But why?”

Kiriya: “It’s just lame to go on about ‘group’ and ‘leader’.”

Friends: “So what does that make us?”

Kiriya: “… Friends … why don’t we just leave it at that.”

Friends: “Woah, lame!”

Kiriya: “Sh-shut up!”


After hearing those voices from the past, Himuro Suzaku shows her concern and asks him what’s wrong. Kiriya says “the voices of my friends… it’s nothing,” to which Kujo Kanata asks if it’s the “Existence Crystal.”


After insisting that it’s nothing, Kiriya says he’s going out, and Himuro tells him that if it has anything to do with the Existence Crystal’s calling, they’ll need to follow him. While Kiriya continues to insist against it, Kujo says that he won’t allow his friends to go through danger, leaving Kiriya with no choice but to let them tag along.


You can also check out other characters and their introduction trailers below:



Exist Archive will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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