Meet Julius, Ciel And Alisa From God Eater 2


Let’s meet three of God Eater 2’s cast. Below are Julius Visconti (20) and Ciel Alanson (16), who Famitsu revealed earlier this week. Julius is the captain of a special forces team called “Blood”. Ciel is his bodyguard.






Moving on, the original God Eater had a character named Alisa. She’s returning for God Eater 2 and is older in the sequel. Here’s some comparison art of her, with God Eater on the left and God Eater 2 on the right:


No cap, more underboob, and shorter skirt. Success! …Or so someone on the development team probably thought while designing her. In God Eater 2, Alisa can serve as a companion to the player in the game’s new version of challenge missions, which Namco say are very hard.


As previously reported, these challenge missions will feature exclusive Aragami and weapons that you won’t find in the main story mode. Perhaps we’ll see other returning characters in the challenge missions, too?


Oh hey, it’s that crocodile Aragami, Ukonvasara! Let’s take a closer look:


Yep. Still ugly. And he uses lightning attacks. Doesn’t he remind you of one of Venom’s moves from Marvel vs. Capcom? Luckily you have these weapons to take him on with:


Short Blade (from what angle?):

Long Blade (but…the short blade is longer…):

Buster Blade (holy crap, that’s a strong lady!):


god_eater_2_05 god_eater_2_06 god_eater_2_07 god_eater_2_08

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