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Mega Man 11 Introduces The Voice Cast For The Game


rockman 11 chara 8

Mega Man 11 had some new information released today on the main appearing characters in the game, as well as who will be voicing them in Japanese. [Thank, 4Gamer!]


Mega Man (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)

rockman 11 chara 2


A helper robot created by Dr. Light, who volunteered to be modified into a battle robot in order to foil Dr. Wily’s plans. This time, in order to stop the evil doctor, he willingly asks to have the new Double Gear system added to his body.


Dr. Wily (CV: Hideyuki Umezu)

rockman 11 chara 3


A scientist who used to work alongside Dr. Light passionately, until development on the Double Gear system was halted indefinitely, after which they went their separate ways. Although he has been stopped multiple times by Mega Man in the past, with the completion of the Double Gear, his ambitions rise once more.


Rush (CV: ?????)

rockman 11 chara 4


Mega Man’s trusty companion. Rush can help Mega Man get to high places easily with Rush Coil, and transport Mega Man with Rush Jet.


Dr. Light (CV: Nobuo Tobita)

rockman 11 chara 5


Mega Man’s “father”, and an authority on robotics. He has been researching on ways robots and humans can live together peacefully since his student days. Dr. Light was in the same university grade as Dr. Wily, and is his rival.


Roll (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

rockman 11 chara 6

As Mega Man’s younger sister of sorts, Roll is a housekeeper robot. She’s quite steady, and helps Dr. Light out on all sorts of matters.


Auto (CV: Nobuo Tobita)

rockman 11 chara 7


Dr. Light’s helper robot, who claims to be his apprentice. He creates items and analyzes data, and is also the mood maker in Dr. Light’s family.


Mega Man 11 will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 2, 2018. Check out Torch Man in our previous report here as well, who is one of the new eight Robot Masters.

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