Nintendo Switch

Mega Man 11 On Switch Will Only Release Digitally In The UK And Europe



Fans in North America will get the option to go for a special Mega Man 11 bundle that comes with the new amiibo and more but unfortunately for fans across the pond, the game will only release digitally in Europe. [Thanks, NintendoChannel.]


In a recent statement from Capcom Europe, it has been confirmed that Mega Man 11 will only receive a digital release in the UK and Europe. Furthermore, there are currently no plans to release the new Mega Man amiibo in Europe as well.


That said, European fans who were looking to get the physical game on Switch will now have to import a copy to get one.


Mega Man 11 releases on October 2, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out its pre-order trailer here and more details on the game including the Double Gear system here.

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