Mega Man x DiVE Hi Score Girl One-Shot Released to Celebrate Japanese Launch

Mega Man x DiVE Hi Score Girl

Mega Man x DiVE has officially launched in Japan. To celebrate, a Rensuke Oshikiri one-shot involving a Mega Man x DiVE Hi Score Girl crossover is currently available to read on the official collaboration website.

This brief manga is a total of nine pages (eight minus the cover) long. Mega Man x DiVE Hi Score Girl collaboration stars characters Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono as they play through the game. As you might imagine, it contains a copious amount of Mega Man series references.

Pre-registration bonuses will also be delivered to players, now that the game is available in Japan. (Even if you weren’t part of the first wave to pre-register or didn’t pre-register at all, you will still be able to receive the rewards.) Players will get items like 30 Zero fragments, weapon shards and upgrade materials. Since the number of pre-registered users totaled over 100,000 people, everyone will receive all of the promised bonuses.

A limited time capsule banner (capsule is Mega Man X DiVE‘s jargon for gacha) is available for players to test their luck too. By using in-game currency on this banner, players will have the opportunity to receive Ultimate Armor Mega Man X, Awakened Zero, Iris, and Ciel.

Mega Man x DiVE is immediately available on Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan and other countries in Asia.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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