Mega Man X DiVE Pre-Registration is Now Available to Japanese Audiences

Mega Man X DiVE Pre-Registration

Pre-registration is now open for Mega Man X DiVE in Japan. An official website and Twitter have been created in preparation for the Japanese launch of the mobile title. Mega Man X DiVE‘s Japanese client is scheduled to release in Fall 2020. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Pre-registration bonuses for Mega Man X DiVE include thirty character shards players can redeem to receive an A Rank Zero upon reaching 60,000 pre-registrations. Other bonuses are various supply boxes that contain character enhancement items or weapon shards.

A video has been uploaded to the official Capcom Channel YouTube showcasing gameplay, character enhancement menus, co-op, PvP, and more. You can watch this video below.

Other features not shown in the pre-registration trailer include Challenge Quests, which come in three varieties. These stages include a challenge tower, a special boss challenge, and a multiplayer mode that has you competing against four random players.

The official website for Mega Man x DiVE states that data from the Asian version of the mobile game cannot be transferred to the Japanese version. The Asian region client for Mega Man x DiVE includes support for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Mega Man x DiVE is currently available on Android and iOS in Asian regions. Mega Man x DiVE pre-registration is currently open and will launch in Japan sometime in Fall 2020.

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