Megalovania Appears in Gitadora With a New Rock Arrangement

Undertale Megalovania Sans in Gitadora High-Voltage

The popular Undertale track “Megalovania” has appeared in Konami’s Gitadora High-Voltage. It has received a new arrangement that befits the rock music-oriented arcade game. Players can also obtain in-game content featuring Sans by playing the game within two months of the crossover’s launch.

Yvya, one of the Bemani Sound Team members, made the rock arrangement for “Megalovania.” The new arrangement makes the high-paced track playable on the arcade game that features guitar- and drum-inspired controllers to emulate a rock music session.

The crossover also adds in-game content featuring Undertale‘s Sans that players can unlock by increasing their level. Level 15 will unlock new Shutters with an illustration of the character. At level 30, Sans himself will appear on the screen and interact with the player. These Undertale features are available to unlock until October 10, 2022.

The Gitadora inclusion adds another entry to the ever-growing connection between Toby Fox and Konami’s Bemani series of rhythm games. The collaboration began with the inclusion of “Megalovania” in Dance Dance Revolution A3 in May 2022. Konami then added five other Undertale tracks, such as “Bonetrousle” and “Asgore,” to Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear in late July 2022. Toby Fox also collaborated with Camellia to create a new original song titled “Summerblue,” which will appear in Beatmania IIDX 30 Resident.

Gitadora High-Voltage is available in arcades.

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