Undertale Music Tracks Will Appear in Sound Voltex

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Konami will add five music tracks from Toby Fox’s Undertale into Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear on July 28, 2022. Players of the rhythm arcade game will be able to play the tracks while adding effects to them.

The five Undertale tracks that will be available in Sound Voltex are “Bonetrousle,” “Spear of Justice,” “Death by Glamour,” “Asgore,” and “Finale.” Toby Fox’s name will also appear in the arcade game as the composer of all five tracks.

Undertale Toby Fox music tracks will appear in Sound Voltex - full lineup

Sound Voltex is a series of rhythm games where players can hold buttons and turn knobs to add effects to a song. Exceed Gear is the sixth and latest iteration of the series that Konami launched in February 2021 in Japan. The company also updated the game’s PC version in December 2021. In late June 2022, Round 1 USA brought Sound Voltex as one of the new arcade games in its facilities across the U.S.

Despite adding five tracks at once, this is not the first time Konami inserted Undertale music into its Bemani series of rhythm games. In May 2022, the company added “Megalovania” into Dance Dance Revolution A3.

Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear is available on PC and arcades. The music tracks from Undertale will appear in the latest Sound Voltex entry on July 28, 2022.

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