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Megaton Musashi Gameplay Shown Off at Jump Festa 2021

Megaton Musashi Gameplay

Level-5 showed off some new Megaton Musashi gameplay at Jump Festa 2021 with three new videos. The exciting footage highlighted the story, battles, and customization options. We have translated the new information on the mecha action game below.

Each video highlighted a specific aspect of the upcoming title. One video highlighted the story, characters, and cinematics, while two others showed off Megaton Musashi gameplay in battles and mech customization. The new pilots are:

  • Jun Kirishima (VA: Sumire Morohoshi)
  • Kota Akutagawa (VA: Ayumu Murase)
  • Momoka Saotome (VA: Megumi Han)
  • Reiji Amemiya (VA: Koki Uchiyama)
  • Takumi Kindaichi (VA: Yuki Kaji)

The Megaton Musashi gameplay in battles showcased the fast-paced, co-op play against robots and aliens. The footage showed the full HUD, characters interacting, and mechs performing special attacks on enemies.

The customization video showed eight different portions of the mechs, called Rogues, in total. Those sections are body type, left arm, right arm, legs, short-range weapon, long-range weapon, core unit, and special attack. This will ensure players will have a wide variety of freedom to adapt to different situations.

Megaton Musashi is a big, new franchise for the combination of companies Level-5, Bandai, and Shonen Jump. The game will be an action-RPG, focusing on online co-op and mech customization. We saw recent trailers for the game at Tokyo Game Show 2020. In addition to the game, there will be an anime TV show, an anime internet show, and a line of toys.

Megaton Musashi is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Oni Dino
Oni Dino is a Japanese-English translator, localization editor, and podcaster. He has several video game credits and regularly translates columns from Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto. When not knee-deep in a JRPG and wishing games had more environmental story-telling, he's attending industry events and interviewing creative auteurs to share their stories.