Memories Off Historia Collection Announced for Series’ 20th Anniversary

Memories Off Historia

Earlier today during the 20th Anniversary livestream celebrating the Memories Off series, Mages. announced a new collection of the past seven titles in the series, titled Memories Off Historia. (Thanks, Game’s Talk!)

Essentially, the collection contains every main title before Memories Off – Innocent Fille-, which acts as the final title in the series. Note that there are several direct sequels and spin-offs for some of the titles, but these will not be included in Historia. The included titles are:

  • Memories Off
  • Memories Off 2nd
  • Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi
  • Memories Off -Sorekara-
  • Memories Off 5: Togireta Film
  • Memories Off 6: T-Wave
  • Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku

For those unfamiliar with the Memories Off visual novel franchise, the series originally began in 1999 on the PlayStation, developed by KID. While the series was popular enough to get PC and console ports during the golden age of visual novels, KID eventually shut its doors in 2006, and the series was then passed on to Cyberfront, and later Mages. The games are known for having a rather interconnected cast and would eventually reach its end with Memories Off: Innocent Fille.

Memories Off Historia is currently in development, and more information on the collection’s release date and platforms will be announced in the future.

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