Metal Gear Timeline Puts All Of The Series’ Events In Order

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Alex Camilleri, a game developer and Metal Gear fan, has spent the past few months creating Metal Gear Timeline. It’s a website that puts all of the events from the game series in order.


Camilleri got the idea from Reddit user “AudioRejectz” who made a post that tried to organize the major events from the game into chronological order. Camilleri decided to run with this, filling in the gaps and making it more presentable with better writing while also ensuring it’s easier to access.


Accessibility is important to Metal Gear Timeline and so Camilleri tells Siliconera that he’s hoping to add navigation options in the future so you can flick between each of the games if you wish. “On top of this, if I get enough interest, I am setting up the timeline to have multi-language support, which might help a lot of people who are discouraged by the English,” he added.


As he has made this in his spare time Camilleri can only put short spurts of effort into the website. However, he’s hoping that anyone who gets something out of Metal Gear Timeline will donate towards it being updated, as well as helping out with hosting costs. There are donation links on the website.


As to who might get something out of Metal Gear Timeline, Camilleri says it’s for “everyone who is getting ready for the release of The Phantom Pain, for every fan of this beautiful saga, for every hater who wants to make fun of its complexity, but also for me trying to take a small break from game development.”

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