Metal Max Xeno Details The Hunter Life And Introduces Maria And Dylan

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Metal Max Xeno yesterday received a new trailer and information on its limited editions, and now Kadokawa Games has further updated the main site with extra info on the different features and newly introduced characters.


The Hunter Life

After arriving at Iron Base, Thalys is introduced to Po-, and the other members living within, then soon gets sent to scout the surrounding areas. This is the beginning of his journey for revenge.


mmx 1 mmx 2

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The field is full of treasure scattered around, waiting to be discovered. With the obtained equipment, you are able to customize the tank to have different specs.


Within the field are also various ‘Vester Ports’, warp points that can be used to quick travel.


hunter life 1 hunter life 2

hunter life 3 hunter life 4


Thalys and his allies will need to explore Remains, which are too small for tanks to enter. As this means they will be fighting in person, players should make sure they are properly equipped for the challenge. If Thalys and the party falls in battle, they will be warped back to Iron Base with Po-M’s help.


In the Remains are important scientific information which will raise Iron Base’s Technology Score. As Tech Score is raised, so does Tech Level, which increases customization options and list of producible weapons.



Maria (CV: Chiaki Takahashi)

maria 2

maria 3

maria 4 maria 5


A female soldier born in a town further away from Iron Base. She went on a training journey, only to receive news of her hometown being attacked. She went back with her allies to rout the enemy, but the entire crew was wiped out except for her and she continues to fight on alone. She is thought to be immortal.


Dylan (CV: Yoshiaki Kawabata)

dylan 2

dylan 3

dylan 4 dylan 5


The former boss of a gang of thieves who operated near Iron Base. He meets the protagonist in a fight for revenge against the SoNs that killed his underlings. While they saved him, he is judged for his prior crimes and is considered for expulsion from Iron Base.


Monster Levels:

Wanted Level Monsters


Cruiser Cygon is a metal beast who has taken the lives of many traders and hunters since the days of the Great Destruction. It threatens humanity with its giant missiles.



Chibi-chan is a tank that was meant to fight NoA, but was hacked and turned against humanity. It is a berserker-type monster patrolling Death Tokio.


By removing the hacking after defeating it, the player can use the tank in battle. It provides destructive heavy fire with its rapid-fire weapons.


Boss Level:

red swan

Red Swan is a ‘Named’ boss monster which looks like a mutated shark with a blood-red body.


Normal Level:

mon-class_normal_img_01 mon-class_normal_img_02


Giant Ants are genetically modified ants, which have continued mutating in the wasteland to become more larger and violent. Poly-tanks are self-aware jerry cans which supposedly helped conduct arson during the Great Destruction.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan on April 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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