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Metal Max Xeno Reborn First Screenshots Show Off Remake’s Improved Graphics, Battles, And Dog



We just learned that Metal Max Xeno is getting an updated version called Metal Max Xeno Reborn for PS4 and Switch. Famitsu has provided a look with its first screenshots showing the remake’s improved graphics and more.



Metal Max Xeno Reborn was announced during today’s premium talk event in Japan, but we got the first screenshots from a preview of this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.



In Metal Max Xeno Reborn, everything from graphics engine to game system has been revamped.



The series’ iconic dog (Pochi) will also make its return after missing out in the original Metal Max Xeno, and it was made possible thanks to all the fan demand.



As for battles it’ll no longer be random encounters, as you’ll see them roaming the fields with seamless battles.



The battles have also been improved to offer a more “action” feel to it, but we’ll learn more about that later.


Metal Max Xeno Reborn releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this winter in Japan. In case you missed it, a couple other titles in Metal Max Xeno 2 and Code Zero were also announced.

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