Metal Max Xeno Shows Off Different Ways Players Can Customize Characters

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More information on Metal Max Xeno was released today, showing off a new tank, and different ways to improve character stats and tank stats. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


New tank: Bisonte F

mmxeno 1

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This tank is nicknamed “The Italian Bull”, and is armed with twin main cannons. While it’s rumored that it was developed by a mainly Italian crew, whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed.


Path of Might:

mmxeno 4

mmxeno 5

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By completing requests and sidequests, “Path of Might” points are earned. These points can be freely allocated into various bonus stat points, depending on how the player is trying to build the character. In-universe, the “Path of Might” is the best Hunter training program there is to offer.


Making and improving weapons and parts

mmxeno 6

The engine, the weapons, and the chassis of each tank can be customized and improved.


mmxeno 7 mmxeno 8

mmxeno 9 mmxeno 10

What items are available for production depends on the Tech Level of Iron Base. Furthermore, there are certain restrictions to equipping certain things, so players may want to increase the horsepower of the tanks first. Weapons can also be upgraded to ‘Improved’ and ‘Ultimate’ levels, but some weapons are already in their ultimate form when acquired, and cannot be improved.


mmxeno 11 mmxeno 12

mmxeno 13 mmxeno 14

mmxeno 15 mmxeno 16

The chassis can also be customized to have different pattern, changing what sort of weaponry you want to add to the tank based on what slots are available. For example, the R-Wolf was upgraded into the R-Wolf IV, adding a slot on the top and a slot on the side for Special Equipment and missile launchers respectively.


Meanwhile the Siege Humvee is a monster buggy customized to have three giant cannons on top, but doing so required the engine to be upgraded to have more horsepower.


Class Changing/Skill Slots:

mmxeno 17

There exists a function in Iron Base called Neuro Tank, which lets characters switch classes and freely change out skills as well. Here are the six classes:



mmxeno 18


mmxeno 19


mmxeno 20


mmxeno 21


mmxeno 22


mmxeno 23

mmxeno 24

mmxeno 25

mmxeno 26 mmxeno 27

While each character has their starting class, points can be allocated into different classes through Neuro Tank. While each class has its own skills, there exist free slots where any skills learnt from other classes can be equipped as well. For example, the images above show Toni class changed into the Gangster class and using the Play Dead skill.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan on April 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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