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Metal Slug Anthology and Toaplan Shooters Return With Limited Run Releases


Earlier this week, Limited Run Games announced that they are working together with SNK and Retro-Bit Gaming to bring back Metal Slug Anthology and four different Toaplan-developed shooters, including the infamous Zero Wing. More specifically, Limited Run Games is creating a physical version of the Metal Slug Anthology and Toaplan games for the PS4.

Metal Slug Anthology PS4

Metal Slug Limited Run Games

Originally released on PS2, PSP, PC, and Wii, Metal Slug Anthology is a collection of the run-and-gun shooter series that contains Metal Slug, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Apart from the games, Anthology also includes a collection of concept art for games across the series, a jukebox to listen to in-game tracks, and more. Limited Run Games is releasing a physical version for the Metal Slug Anthology for the PS4, which originally released in 2016. While you can get the collection physically as a normal edition, there is also a Limited Collector’s Edition that includes a mini NEOGEO cartridge, art cards, a poster, and special box.

Toaplan Shoot-em-ups PS4

Four different Toaplan shoot-em-ups are receiving new physical editions: the Sega Genesis versions of Fireshark, Hellfire, Truxton, and Zero Wing. Out of all of these, you might recognize Zero Wing for being the source of the infamous ‘All your base are belong to us’ meme. In fact, this time the PAL version intro is being kept, and the game’s 35 different endings are also being translated into English in a way that reflects the game’s original translation. All four games are coming in their own Collector’s Editions with a case, art card, an interview with one of the game’s developers, and more.

Finally, getting all four games will get you an extra slipcover and thank you card from one of the game’s original developers.

The Metal Slug Anthology physical edition will be available for pre-order on September 18, 2020. Meanwhile, the Toaplan games will open for pre-order on September 15, 2020. In related news, M2 announced the first four Toaplan games they are bringing to modern platforms.

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