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Metroid Dread Elemental Missiles and Speed Booster Previewed

Metroid Dread Elemental Missiles

Nintendo tweeted out some information about weapons and abilities available in Metroid Dread, including new elemental missiles and a Samus-accelerating Speed Booster. The tweets came from the official accounts of Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe.

The elemental missiles are part of a new suite of Arm Cannon upgrades players can acquire for Samus in Metroid Dread. Each type of missile has varying kinds of properties attached to it. Ice Missiles can restrict an enemy’s movement, while Storm Missiles fire a volley of independently-targeted projectiles. Storm Missiles can target five different enemies, or be target the same enemy with five projectiles for extra damage.

Besides the missiles, Metroid Dread will also furnish Samus with a new ability called the Speed Booster. Speed Booster transitions Samus into a special state where her movement accelerates, enabling players to smash through obstacles and enemies. During Speed Booster state, Samus activates jets on the back of her suit to speed up her movement. The Speed Booster state paired with the Shinespark ability will allow Samus to move quickly in a chosen direction. In addition to other movement-enhancing abilities included in the game, such as Flash Shift or the previously revealed Slide, Speed Booster can be a powerful addition to help Samus cover territory quickly and surmount obstacles with ease.

Metroid Dread, missiles and all, will release on October 8, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. An Amiibo of Samus as she appears in the game and E.M.M.I will also be sold.

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