Miku Dresses Up For Chinese New Year 2023 Figure

miku chinese new year figure 2023

F:NEX opened up pre-orders for a Chinese New Year Hatsune Miku figure. You have until March 24, 2023 to pre-order it, and it will cost 32,780 JPY. That is about $255.15. The Chinese New Year Hatsune Miku figure will ship out some time in July 2024. More information on its precise release window will appear later. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

As one may expect from a Chinese New Year-themed figure, she is wearing a dress from the country, along with a silk scarf. The figure will come with a background panel for you to display her with. Xu Jiang, a Chinese illustrator who has submitted works to Poppro  (a Chinese fan site focused on Vocaloid), designed her outfit. This figure is a collaboration between F:NEX and Poppro.

Here are some more pictures of the Chinese New Year Hatsune Miku figure, which is a 1/7 scale:

Other Vocaloid figures that have come out in recent years use designs from music videos. For example, Good Smile Company will release a figure of her as she looks in “Vampire” in March 2023. As of the time of writing, the Chinese New Year Hatsune Miku figure is only available through the F:NEX website. Unlike AmiAmi or Good Smile Company, F:NEX does not offer international shipping.

The Chinese New Year 2023 Hatsune Miku figure is open for pre-order from January 20 to March 24, 2023. It will ship out in July 2024.

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