Mistover To Get Gameplay Changes Based On Demo Feedback

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Mistover currently has a demo available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and recently the developers released a post regarding changes that will be implemented into the game thanks to fan feedback.


Here are the details below:

Balance Check

  • The Time Trial Demo is intended to be easier since it has a 10 minute time limit and it will be your first time playing it. However, we’ve got a lot of feedback that it reduces the tension as well as the fun of MISTOVER could be lost.
  • We will re-examine the balances throughout the game for your future builds so that you can experience the level of difficulty that we originally intended!


Battle Pace Improvement

  • Acceleration: You will be able to speed battle up by holding Steam: C key, Switch: A button, and PS4: O button.
  • Adjusting the display time to be quicker for “buffs”, “debuffs” and other indicators.
  • Voice line will appear simultaneously with the Battle Menu.


Regarding Time Limits

  • You must have been surprised to see the timer counting down during tutorial texts or reading in stats pages!
  • There will be no Real-Time Limit features in our Full Product release! You will be able to experience the genuine fun of turn-based strategy game!


The demo itself is limited to 10 minutes, where you need to try go through the dungeon and find some treasure and make it out alive within the time. The demo is currently set to be available until September 25, 2019.

If you’re planning to try the demo out, here are some tips that might be useful, based on our playtest of the timed demo:

  • Make gratuitous use of the Paladin’s ability to destroy obstacles, because it’s free, and otherwise you lose HP across the party.


  • This might come as no surprise to roguelike fans, but the ‘Wait’ command is key to having the enemy come closer so you can initiate the symbol encounter. That said, it might make you lose some precious time thanks to the nature of the timed demo.


  • Some skill combinations are pretty fun to use, such as using the Shadow Blade to push enemies around into columns that can be nuked together by the Witch’s magic.


You can find the demo on Steam here.


Mistover releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 10, 2019. The game is also in development for PC via Steam. You can read a playtest of the demo from ACGHK 2019 here. The game also recently got a trailer that you can watch here.

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