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Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Returns For PlayStation 3



Earlier today, Famitsu teased an upcoming project from an interview with Masahiko Tokushima of B.B. Studio and Ken Kuwahara from Namco Bandai for this week’s issue of the magazine.

As it turns out, they’ll be working on the latest incarnation of Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story, which was last seen on the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast.


According to Famitsu, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link will be a third-person action shooter that will have land and space battles. You’ll get to pick between going with the Federation or Zeon, and the game will have different stories for both sides. There will be a number of mobile suits which will be making reappearances after having spent the past year fighting in war.


Some of the mobile suits include RX-78XX Gundam Pixie, along with original new mobile suits. There will also be a customization feature, which will allow you to tweak any of them to your liking.


The combat will involve using groups of three units, and will allow you to switch between them while fighting. Fighting on land and outer-space will feel completely different from one another according to Famitsu, but the controls will be the same. The magazine also mentions that the effects will be very vivid, and there will be additional effects such as screen distortion.


The protagonist of the Federation side is said to be part of an experimental corps of mobile suits, and has a strong sense of justice. On the other hand, Zeon’s protagonist is more of a ruffian-type character, with a strong will to succeed in life, as he serves in war.


Mobile Suit Gundam Side story: Missing Link is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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