Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar Is Like Recettear, With Hundreds Of Cats

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Earlier last month, Capcom revealed several Monster Hunter spinoff titles, which included a massively multiplayer strategy RPG, a Monster Hunter card game, and a Felyne companion game where your goal is to become the Felyne king. Capcom recently added another game to the mobile mix, called Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar.



The goal of Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar is to create the world’s best bazaar. The game begins when you open your very first Felyne shop.


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Next, you’ll be prompted to select any Felyne who will be in charge of running the shop. Once you’ve selected your Felyne shopkeeper, villagers and even Hunters will begin to gather and purchase your goods. The shop will sell various items such as foods, armor and weapons. Befriending other players will allow you to visit their bazaars as well.


Selecting a Felyne with good affinity stats will make them better shop keepers, who will put in more effort into selling goods to customers; however, once your items run out, it could mean trouble for business.



No worries! If stock starts looking low, you can send a team of your best Felynes out to go material gathering. These Felynes have stats such as rarity, health, intelligence, cost, power and weapon usability. Additionally, you can even request help from the Felynes of your friends.


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Once the gathering quest starts, it’ll be up to you to press the icons on the screen to give orders on what you want to gather. Depending on the type of Felynes you send, the items will vary.



As shown in the above image, you’ll occasionally encounter wild Felynes who’ll join your crew of cats.


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While gathering might be easy for your everyday Hunters, even the weakest of monsters can be a threat to our group of Felynes. They’ll have to put their paws together in order to take them out.


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The game features many familiar beasts from the Monster Hunter series, such as Kelbi, Yian Kut-Ku, and even Rathalos. These monsters and many more will be getting in the way of the Felyne gathering quests.


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Once you complete the gathering quest, it’ll be back to business of selling and expanding your shops in order to make the greatest bazaar in the Monster Hunter world.


Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar is currently available for free with optional paid premium items on iOS devices.



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