New Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Has Artemis and the Hunter Grilling Meat

Monster Hunter Trailer

The latest Monster Hunter trailer features new scenes from the upcoming film, one of which involves grilling meat. Any hunter worth their salt knows that keeping your belly full is just as important as keeping your weapon sharp. It seems like Captain Artemis, played by Milla Jovovich, will be learning the ropes for one of the most important aspects of hunting monsters. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Additionally, this is the first time viewers have been given a full look at Ron Perlman as the Admiral. The 90-second Monster Hunter teaser trailer provided a better look at the costume and the weapon the Admiral will be toting around with him.

You can watch the Japanese teaser trailer below.

Various locales are also featured in the trailer; this includes vast deserts and lush jungles populated and filled with monsters. Those with a keen eye will be able to spot the Nerscylla as it chases Artemis through one of these locations. Additionally, this trailer shows some of the weapons in action. You can see the Hunter wield the bow and train Artemis with the dual blades. Previous trailers saw the fearsome Rathalos take down a plane.

The Monster Hunter movie will appear in theaters in December 2020.

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