The Full Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Has a Rathalos Take Down a Plane

monster hunter movie trailer

We’ve seen bits and pieces of the Monster Hunter movie before, but now we can go all-in. October 2020 began with a teaser for the film that showed off the characters and how monsters will be fought with more modern weapons, like guns and missiles, in addition to series staples. Now the full over two-minute Monster Hunter movie trailer is here to show off characters, monsters, vehicles, and weapons.

The video begins with showing how the military’s Captain Artemis, who is played by Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich, and her team discover some unusual artifacts. After a freak and massive storm(?), these pillars are activated and teleport the group to the world of Monster Hunter. We then see Artemis and her team flounder around a bit as they happen across creatures like Diablos and Rathalos, then team up with a hunter named, well, Hunter.

Here’s the full video. Rathalos shows up at the very beginning. At 1:05, you can catch Diablos. It looks like Gore Magala appears at 1:38.

Past screens and videos have offered additional comparisons. For example, there was a whole Monster Hunter movie trailer looking at how in-game monsters compared to their movie adaptations. We’ve also seen Jovovich using her real-life preferred weapons, the Dual Blades, and holding a Great Sword.

The Monster Hunter movie will appear in theaters in December 2020. 

Jenni Lada
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