Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Home Sweet Home



In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, you’ll be operating out of Yukumo Village. In case you need to get caught up on past updates on the area, here’s our past coverage:


Yukumo Village’s Farm and Felynes

Yukumo Village’s Bathhouse and Quest Area


Now, let’s take a look at something that looked a little shabby in Monster Hunter Tri, but looks a bit more inviting in Portable 3rd: your home.



Your home serves a number of functions. You can save your game, change the look of your character, and manage your party’s equipment.




You can read issues of “Live to Hunt” magazine at your bookshelf, which offers useful tips and advice. You can also read up hairstyle advice if that’s your thing.


Felyne Board:

mhp3rd_yukumo_felyneboard01  mhp3rd_yukumo_felyneboard02

Meanwhile, the Felyne board is used to manage the looks and equipment of your Felyne partners.


As we detailed in a previous report, you can put these guys through training to customize them with their own unique stats and skills. Equipment will play an important part in shaping their abilities, too.


Bed and Equipment Box:

mhp3rd_yukumo_bed  mhp3rd_yukumo_equipbox

Save your game and manage your own equipment and items.




Your home is also where you customize your character’s features and hairstyle. Portable 3rd appears to feature an increased number of options for customizing your hunter’s face, but these haven’t been revealed yet.

mhp3rd_yukumo_customize01 mhp3rd_yukumo_customize02


And that about wraps up your home in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd! We’ll have more info as Capcom continue to make it available in the weeks leading up to the game’s December 1st release.

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