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Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom Footage Shows It Spitting Fire

Monster Hunter Rise Aksonom

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter has revealed more footage of upcoming monsters, specifically the Aknosom. The new bird wyvern is shown spitting fire in these few moments of gameplay. Additionally, the tweet itself contained more information about the mannerism of the Aknosom.

Specifically, this bird wyvern is known as the “Umbrella Bird” for its unique appearance when it stands on one leg. Due to its territorial nature, it will also spread its wings to appear more threatening. And as mentioned above, the Aknosom is capable of spitting several balls of fire in succession.

You can watch the clip of the Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise below.

During Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, viewers were given a brief synopsis on the new additions to the upcoming title. This included the Great Izuchi, Tetranadon, Aknosom, and the Magnamalo. This included a look at key visuals featuring each monster. The footage was also shown highlighting features involving the Palamute, map traversal, and more.

Additionally, the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter has shared clips of the Tetranadon. Specifically of the Tetranadon engaging in a turf war with the Arzuros. This footage got up close and personal with the monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise will come to the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 26, 2021.

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