Monster Hunter Rise: How to Unlock Weapon Skills

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Monster Hunter Rise features a variety of ways to tackle and take down the fearsome monsters you will meet on your journey. While a plethora of weapons will be at your disposal, players can unlock weapon skills to add a bit of variety to their usual style of play. While weapons skills aren’t unique to Monster Hunter Rise, they make a welcome return and can be used in tandem with the wirebug when reaching a certain Hunter Rank. That being said, below you’ll find all of the information you’ll need to unlock various weapons skills in Monster Hunter Rise.

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First and foremost, you do not start with weapon skills. Instead, to access weapon skills you will need to increase your Hub Rank. Upon reaching the appropriate Hub Rank, you’ll be able to chat with Master Utsushi in the Gathering Hub Entrance. You can quickly locate and travel to the Gathering Hub Entrance through the Move Around the Village Option in your System Menu. Don’t worry, as you don’t have to increase your Hub Rank an exponential amount. You’ll be able to unlock these weapon skills fairly early on.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Skill Unlock

Master Utsushi is located by the dango stall at the back of the hub. You’ll be able to tell when you can talk to him by the speech bubble above his head. Upon talking to him you will unlock your first set of weapon skills.

There are a total of three different types of weapon skills available. The first series of weapon skills you can unlock in Monster Hunter Rise can be alternated between the skills you have by default and the new skills you’ve obtained from Master Utsushi.

To unlock the third tier of weapon skills, you will need to progress your Hub Rank to specific levels depending on your weapon of choice. These skills will allow you to use your wirebug to unleash devastating attacks against monsters. A total of two are available upon unlocking these side quests.

The Hub Rank unlock for the weapon skills are as follows:

Hub Rank 4 – High Rank

  • Sword and Shield
  • Hunting Horn
  • Switch Axe
  • Light Bowgun

Hub Rank 5 – High Rank

  • Great Sword
  • Hammer
  • Lance
  • Charge Blade
  • Heavy Bowgun

Hub Rank 6 – High Rank

  • Long Sword
  • Dual Blades
  • Gunlance
  • Insect Glaive
  • Bow

Please keep in mind that in order to unlock these weapon skills in Monster Hunter Rise, you must complete the side quest with the weapon assigned to the quest. This means that you will need to take dual blades and complete the quest assigned to the dual blades to unlock the respective weapon skill.

Also, some of these quests may require you to capture a monster instead of kill them. You can usually find tranq bombs and traps in the chest outside of your tent after initiating a quest. Or you can craft these items yourself after gathering the appropriate materials through the crafting menu.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch.

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