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Latest Monster Hunter Rise Patch Fixes Related Pose Bug

Monster Hunter Rise Pose Bug Fix

A new Monster Hunter Rise patch is now available to download, which will fix the pose related bug that had prevented players from accessing their save data. Additionally, several other bug fixes are included in this patch. This includes various gesture based bugs and even bugs related to controls becoming unresponsive when performing certain actions.

The patch will also fix other issues in Monster Hunter Rise concerning other pose, or gesture, related bugs. The previously mentioned bug that causes player controls to stop responding when sitting while performing the “Call Cahoot” gesture has been fixed. Additionally, issues with the user interface no longer appearing when changing the minimum Hunter Rank for online lobbies has been patched.

The patch notes detail in full the changes that accompany the patch. Players will need access to the internet in order to update their game. If your game has not automatically updated you can do so manually through your Nintendo Switch device.

Once again, you will need to update your game if you wish to play online with other players that have this version of the patch. That being said, local multiplayer is still an option, but it comes with the same stipulation.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch.

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