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Monster Hunter Rise Pose Glitch Prevents Players From Opening Save Files

Monster Hunter Rise Pose Glitch

A Monster Hunter Rise glitch involving the action and hurt pose as part of the recently release paid DLC is preventing players from opening their save files. The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account acknowledged this issue, and a fix is currently in the works. However, the official Twitter account has also advised that to prevent the glitch from occurring, players should not set these gestures to their action bars.

The specifics involve the mentioned paid DLC, which provides players with a set of unique poses. Players who have added these poses to their action bar have been reporting issues of not being able to open their save files in Monster Hunter Rise. What is causing the glitch is currently unknown. The Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account posted about the issue earlier in the day, and has not followed up since warning players about the pose glitch.

The Monster Hunter Rise paid DLC pack didn’t only just come with poses. Players can obtain unique hairstyles, makeup, and even new voices through the pack. These items can also be purchased invidually. Capcom also released a day one patch to fix various bugs that might have remained with the base version of the game. However, the bug fixes did not include the most recent issue.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for Nintendo Switch. Check out our full review.

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