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Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack Includes Hairstyles and Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack

A Monster Hunter Rise DLC pack is immediately available to purchase now that the game has released worldwide. This paid DLC pack includes a total of three hairstyles, layered armor, and various cosmetics. Additionally, layered armor for your Palico and Palamute are part of this paid DLC pack. For those wanting to purchase these items individually, you can also do so.

The full list of items part of the Monster Hunter Rise paid DLC pack include:

  • Fox Mask Hunter Layered Armor Piece
  • Theater Wig Hunter Layered Armor Piece
  • Wyvernian Earrings Hunter Layered Armor Piece
  • Nine Tails Palico Layered Armor Set
  • Long Coat Costume Palamute Layered Armor Set
  • High Five Gesture
  • Attack Pose Set
  • Hurt Pose Set
  • Eye Shadow Makeup
  • Spread Wings Makeup
  • Airy Short Bob Hairstyle
  • Beachy Waves Hairstyle
  • Great Baggi Crest Hairstyle
  • Master Utsushi Hunter Voice
  • Hinoa Hunter Voice
  • Wind-up Cohoot Cohoot Outfit
  • Fluffy Hood Cohoot Outfit

The North American Monster Hunter Rise website does not list the price of the DLC pack, or the price of the individual items. However, the Japanese website does, and the paid DLC pack with the hairstyles, layered armor, and all of the items listed above costs ¥2,000 (or roughly $20). The three Hunter layered armor items cost ¥150 (or roughly $1), with the Palamute and Palico layered armor skins costing ¥200 (or $2). The voice packs cost ¥300 (or $3), with the hairstyles costing ¥150 (or $1), and the poses costing ¥200 (or $2).

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch. Our review is available to read.

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