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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Flagship Monster is Malzeno

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Malzeno

Capcom revealed the new flagship monster that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Malzeno. Malzeno is an Elder Dragon. The new expansion was announced during the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, which was where this monster was first shown. More information about the Malzeno and its appearance in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be revealed in the future.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a new expansion that will be available for Monster Hunter Rise that will add new areas and quests to the game. Unlike Free Update patches, players will need to purchase this expansion in order to access its contents.

Capcom shared a little bit of information regarding new features that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. There will be new story quests, enemies, and equipment. An archived version of this broadcast is immediately available to watch through the official Monster Hunter Twitch account.

Additionally, the Monster Hunter Rise presentation revealed behind the scenes information regarding the development of the game. A special live music performance of music from the game also appeared.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC version will release on Steam as well. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will release in Summer 2022.

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