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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gore Magala and Espinas Armor Shown

Monster Hunter Rise gore magala Espinas Armor

Capcom revealed the new Gore Magala and Espinas armor sets coming with the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. The two videos give a brief glimpse at each armor set’s male and female variants, as well as how the Palamute and Palico gear will look. Both the Gore Magala and Espinas armor sets bear a striking resemblance to their appearances in previous generations.

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Below is the Gore Magala armor set video. From the looks of it, the armor appears to be based on the Gore X armor set from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The default armor will glow a neon pink, with both male and female variants including a full helm faceplate. The Gore Magala Palamute armor takes a similar approach, complete with a glowing cape and helmet. The Palico armor, as with the Hunter armor, is also based on its ghost-like appearance from MH4.

Next is the Espinas armor set, which draws similar inspiration from Monster Hunter: Frontier G. However, it appears to have slight changes to its design. Notably, the trenchcoat will now have thorn-like designs on the front and back, as well as the Hunter’s Guild insignia. The shoulder pauldrons are also pointier, and the female variant will wear shorts. The Espinas Palamute armor will have the companion wearing some sports sunglasses and pants. The Palico will come wearing a biker helmet and leather jacket.

The return of Gore Magala and Espinas was revealed during the Capcom Showcase earlier this week. Capcom also revealed the free title update schedule for the coming months, which includes a new variant of the Nargacuga and other new subspecies. For more new armors, Capcom has been sharing videos on the game’s official Twitter account, with the latest being the Seregios armor set.

Monster Hunter Rise is available to play on the PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion will release for PC and Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022. A free demo of the expansion is also available.

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