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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update to Add Anomaly Armor Upgrades

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly Armor

Capcom revealed some of the planned content coming with the first free title update for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Specifically, Capcom plans to add a new armor upgrade system as part of the endgame Anomaly Research quests. The new armor upgrade system will allow players to further strengthen their armor sets by adding new skills and modifying elemental resistance stats.

Editor’s Note: Minor Spoilers for the ending and post-game content for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once players defeat the final boss of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion, a series of new quests will be unlocked. These Anomaly Research Quests pit hunters against stronger Afflicted variants of previous monsters. Completing these quests allows hunters to collect Anomaly Tickets, which were previously limited to crafting the game’s strongest weapons.

That is set to change with the next free title update. Two new posts from the Monster Hunter Twitter accounts reveal that Capcom will add a new mechanic it calls Qurious Crafting. Included images indicate that Qurious Crafting will allow for greater improvement to existing armor. Unlike standard Armor Sphere upgrades, however, Qurious Crafting will augment each armor piece’s resistance stats, and could even add new skills.

Notably, the augmentations posted on the Japanese and English Twitter accounts differ in stats. This likely indicates an element of randomness to the augmentations, in a similar fashion to Talisman Melding. Both posts also note that Qurious Crafting will utilize “new materials” that will be added with the upcoming update.

You can get a better look at each Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly armor augmentation in the screenshots below:

Last month, Capcom revealed that the first free title update after the release of the Sunbreak expansion would arrive in August 2022. Alongside the new armor upgrade mechanic, the title update will also add Lucent Nargacuga, a new Forlorn Arena area, and various new monster species.

Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion are available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The first free title update will arrive sometime in August 2022.

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